Best Friends

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Alfin II is a 1988 Brewer 44 built in Fort Myers, Florida by Fort Myers Yacht and Shipbuilding Inc.  Joe Pocklington and Jim Sackett, FMYS’s owners, both with many years of boatbuilding experience, translated Ted Brewer’s extensive experience in cruising boat design into what I consider to be one of the best center-cockpit sailboats ever built—in America, with American know-how and American craftsmanship.   And who am I,  you might ask?

I am Augusto (Kiko) Villalon, boat designer, manufacturer, marine engineer and lifelong boater.  Member of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) since 1962.  Member of the Society of Naval Architects (SNAME) since 1972.  Founder in 1975 of Marine Concepts Inc., today’s world leader in boat tooling and mold building.  Sailor since 1940 when my father and I  began sailing the “Black Eagle” on the northern coast off Havana, Cuba.

Read the following pages and I will tell you about my boat, my boat’s improvements, and my Maintenance Mantra.  Don’t miss reading my story about “The boat Genie.”

There is no other Brewer 44 (of which only 100 were built) with the innovative upgrades that I have made on this boat.  My mechanical maintenance has been among the best.  And my wife Gordie, another lifelong sailor whose father joined the New York Yacht Club in 1946, says that this is the most comfortable, sea-worthy, sea-kindly, practical, easily double-handed cruising boat she has ever sailed.  Not to mention the loveliest.  ALFIN gets compliments everywhere she goes, from Maine to Mexico.  Read on for more……….